rock the stars

Size Guide

Our Superstar mask gives a dose of star power with a playful, rock-n-roll edge. Big stars are printed on natural 100% cotton denim - fun for you and our planet, too!

Let’s Face It 2.0 is a reusable and sustainable face mask thoughtfully crafted using 3 layers of natural fabrics selected for their filtering ability and breathability. It comes in 3 unisex sizes, designed to cover your face leaving room to breathe and talk.  

  • The mini is an XS/S face mask ideal for petite adults with smaller faces and kids as young as 4 years old. It measures approx 8" wide x 5.5" high. Fabric ties loop around your ears and fasten at the base of your neck for comfort and ease of use.
  • The standard is a S/M face mask that fits most average sized adults. It measures approx 9" wide x 6.5" high. Fabric ties loop around your ears and fasten at the base of your neck for comfort and ease of use.
  • The max is a generous L/XL mask for big and tall adults with movie star sized faces. It measures approx 10" wide x 7.5" high. Double fabric ties fasten at the crown of your head and the base of your neck. 

All sizes are made with a wired edge along the upper mask to contour your nose, minimizing the flow of air out of your mask, and helping prevent the spread of germs. 

Comfortable, adjustable, and elastic free - our masks can easily be worn around your neck for those in-between times when you don’t need to cover your face. The goal is to keep your mask to yourself - so it's there when you need it.  

Thanks for caring and wearing our sustainably made masks.

It's the peace you'll wear all the time. 

  • 1 outer layer of 100% cotton poplin
  • 2 inner layers of tightly woven cotton broadcloth
  • Denim with natural lining 
  • Nose clip along upper edge of mask help contour your face (pinch to fit)
  • Mini & standard have fabric ties that loop around the ears 
  • Max has double fabric ties
  • Elastic free to reduce irritation for you and our planet, too
  • Machine wash warm, line dry in the sun or tumble dry
  • Made in USA of Japanese fabric
  • Sorry, but we cannot accept returns on face masks

DISCLAIMER: This face mask is NOT intended for medical use. It’s a personal use mask to help deter the spread of germs including viruses like COVID-19. It may also help to filter out particles in the air, but the effectiveness of a fabric face mask is highly dependent on how the mask is worn, how it fits the face, the materials used, and how the wearer handles the mask. We recommend that you take a look at the CDC guidelines to get the best use out of your cloth face mask. We believe that wearing a cloth face mask in combination with social distancing, washing your hands often and thoroughly, and avoiding touching your face can help minimize the spread of germs, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic.