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Melody Owens
The best masks available!

I was so relieved to find these beautifully made, comfortable and attractive masks, in which the wearers’ needs were balanced with those of the environment. In the heaviest part of the pandemic I wore them over a paper mask for double protection, but even on their own they provide good coverage. As my spouse - a health care provider - and I expect to continue to mask on airplanes and public transport, we hope Amy and Co will continue to make these wonderful masks! I’ve ordered extras but am anxious they will eventually wear out and I won’t be able to get more!

Thanks for your thoughtful review, Melody! We really appreciate your ongiong support. As the pandemic wanes and demand lessens, it becomes unsustainable for us to meet production minimums, so it's unlikely we'll continue as mask makers. But one never really knows. In the meantime, I'm glad you've stocked up on masks while we have them in inventory. It's been a wonderful journey navigating all of this together. Stay happy and healthy!

Maja Baker
Comfortable & secure

My partner has to wear a mask for 12 hours a day (even not during Covid time) & these mask are now his go to! We even ordered backups for the future.

We're so glad to hear that our masks are working well for your partner, Maja! Thanks for sharing your experience! We really appreciate your support. - Amy et al


It is so nice not to be looking for your mask. They are comfortable and fit well. I bought one and then ordered 2 more

Awww! Thanks so much, Gina! We really appreciate you!

Gail Longo
LOVE the masks.

These are my favorite masks. I work for a multi-speciality clinic and wear it all day. I have many complements about the look and the ease of wearing it. I highly recommend your mask. Thank you!

Thank you, Gail! This means a lot to us!

Colleen K
Best masks ever!

These masks are my absolute favorite, I have one in each color and pattern (and I keep buying more). They fit so well and make me feel completely protected. I love that they tie around your neck so they have a resting place when they aren't being used. My daughter wears them all day at school without any issues. I can't recommend them enough! More colors, patterns & (mini) sizes please! Can't wait for a restock.