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Best mask for the workplace

Both my best friend and my fiance have essential jobs. They have to wear masks constantly, but lunch time was a problem. Where do you put your mask when you eat? My sister-in-law recommended these masks to me and they are now my favorite! Elegant, professional looking, and all day breathability and comfort made these my top choice for those I care about. At breaks, my essential workers can have them hang around their necks! No need to set their mask on questionable surfaces, stuff them pockets, or hang them off the ear. No chance of losing the mask either. They look good and feel great, and no elastic pulling on your ears. Tie them to your comfort level, and the ties move with your head. The large mask fits over my ex-husband's beard, too! High quality and durable, wash after wash. My first of these masks still looks like new! I'm back here to buy a few more. Thanks!

Excellent masks!

I have a few of these masks ans they are beautiful and functional! Very thoughtfully made with the adjustable ear loops (which are super comfortable, metal piece to fit on your nose for a better seal, and the wearable necklace option when you’re not using it! I don’t have to look for my mask and feel super chic wearing it. I have a small face and the mini fits perfectly but I find the standard, though it looks larger, gives you the room to talk when you’re meeting with someone without shifting out of place. So give both sizes a try!

Best mask I have found so far!

We carry these masks in our store and we all love them! I bought one for my mother and each of her caregivers; they liked them so much they all ordered additional masks!
They fit well, are comfortable (for a mask), are easy to put on, and best of all you can wear it around your neck when you don't need it on. No excuse to leave home with out a mask!

A mask to be proud of !

How does one pick their favorite out of Amy's masks? I say don't, it's a mood to wear one! Especially the VOTE one. I'm proud of what it stands for, most of the issues I'm concerned about. This one starts conversations silent and otherwise, I can't tell count the smiling eyes and approval nods of complete strangers walking by. Super comfy to wear and a statement? It's a beautiful thing!

Favorite Mask

Amy's masks are my favorite for design and fit, but especially love the VOTE mask for all it says. Many compliments and people wanting one of their own.

Wonderful print

I love this mask! I already owned numerous Amy Kuschel masks, but had to add this one to my collection because the “denim friendly“ print goes so well with my wardrobe. The fabric is so soft and breathable and easy to wash and keep looking like new.

i absolutely LOVE the vote mask, and for all that it stands for! i receive tons of compliments each time i wear it. the embroidery is beautiful, and the messaging is dear to my heart!

it is so important to be encouraging people to vote, through my lovely mask! i am the proud owner of multiple amy masks, and i love them all! they are my absolute favorite!!

LOVE It!!!!

This is my 4th Amy Kuschel mask and my favorite one so far!!! She continues to update/upgrade the nose bridge which I like. I get so many comments on my VOTE mask whenever I wear it. People love it and ask where I got it from. Even my kids love their masks because they can hang around their necks if they are not using them (and I love it because they do not lose them!).

Best mask I own!

We own a lot of different styles of masks. These are by far the best! Comfortable, breathable and stylish.

So many compliments and so comfy!

I've only worn this mask for a few days and I've gotten so many compliments! I love it so much and it's so perfect. LOVE!

Favorite mask!

I love this mask - obviously the design is amazing, but it also fits me better than any other cloth masks I’ve found. The way it ties is also convenient for keeping it handy when you’re not wearing it - perfect for hiking! : )


I love the masks!! They’re three-layer, the Liberty floral ones are so soft. And they fit snugly around your face, while still having ties that allow the mask to dangle around your neck when you’re not wearing it. I own many and have recommended them to friends. Amy Kachel is a very talented designer, and her fashion sensibility shows through on these masks.

Let's Face It 2.0 - Tiny Tartan
Great mask

I love this mask. This time I bought a mini, and it fits great, better than the regular. I’m a regular size woman and like that this mask covers well but stays away from my eyes.

Let's Face It 2.0 - Tiny Tartan
finally a great mask

My kids and I love Amy's masks for school and daily activities. The fact that you can always have your mask easily accessible around your neck! My 11 year old son won't wear any other masks because he doesn't have to readjust these. And these are the only ones he won't lose!

love them!

My kids and I love Amy's masks for school and daily activities. The fact that you can always have your mask easily accessible around your neck! My 11 year old son won't wear any other masks because he doesn't have to readjust these. And these are the only ones he won't lose!

Let's Face It 3.0 - Chambray Notebook Stripe

My kids and I love these masks for school and daily activities. The fact that you can always have your mask around your neck and handy is the best! My 11 year old son won't wear any other masks because he always has to readjust them. And these are the only ones he won't lose!

My most comfortable and well contoured yet! Ordering more

I love these! My most comfortable and well contoured masks yet and I have ordered 4 different types from other vendors! They stay on very well, even when talking, they feel snug around the face and make me feel safe for others and for my self, they are comfortable to breath through, they look stylish, the ear loops and tie behind the neck is genius design, and the feature of staying around the neck folded nicely as you remove the loops from the ears is another design plus. They feel brand new even after a few washes. I am ordering more for me and to give away. Thanks, Amy!

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Most Comfortable Mask Ever!

Super comfortable mask. I love having the tie around the neck so I don't lose it and can easily take it off and on. The fabric feels luxe. Impeccably made.

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♥️ my mask

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my mask! Such a clever design. The mini is perfect for me. I always know exactly where it is, no more searching in the car. I’m hoping Amy will be making more !

My Favorite!

These are my favorite masks! They was well, they hang around your neck, but fit on your ears. They have a great wire to help hold around the nose so you don't get steamed glasses. They are my favorite. They wash up well, and the fabrics are all great!

Let's Face It 2.0 - Go Gingham

Tried many, so far this is the best! Beautifully made.

Beautiful Fabric/Amazing Quality/Large

First of all, I'm a die hard AK fan and am wearing the Knot Every DAY shirt as I type this, starting at a wedding picture in the background in one of her dresses. I love this mask so much, but it's large if you have a smallish face/head. I LOVE that the ear straps are adjustable and the tie is the perfect length. It's as chic as a mask can be. I accidentally ordered another mask in the mini size and it fits my face a bit better, but the ties are a touch too short. Both are totally doable and love being able to continue supporting small business during this time. Just not if you have a pin head like I do, the mini might be better :). I hope the next version has a filter pocket option!

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Best mask by far!

After trying several styles of face covering, I can say with certainty that this is the most comfortable by far. It fits well, stays in place, and is stylish and thoughtfully produced to boot!

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Love my masks!

They fit great and feel nice on your face! I just ordered 2 more! Even In the triple digit heat in Texas Amy’s masks feel good. I feel very safe in my mask. Thank you, Amy!

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thumbs up

Searching for the perfect mask and this one comes pretty close. Convenient, stylish, and safe. Thanks!