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Love my tartan mask
Best masks EVER!
The best masks out there
Mini is a Great mask for small face
The perfect mask!
THE Best Mask
Great and Stylish Mask
Best design around
Best mask I own
Great for kids
Great for my kids
Great masks
Perfect design
Perfect Mask
Right on! THANK YOU!
Fantastic mask
Thank you for taking the the time to review our masks! You make us look good - AND, it's really helpful for people shopping for masks. With gratitude, Amy
Haha! Thanks Amy S. for the very cool review! LOVE that you're loving the masks and getting compliments! Amy K. ;)
the finest mask ever
Oooh la la...couture. Must be our roots in bridal carrying over into face masks. Thanks so much, Victoria! Very nice of you to give us such high praise! Amy
By far my favorite mask yet
Hey Mama, Thanks for your thoughtful review! I'm so glad that our masks are your favorites! As for a filter pocket, we opted for 3 layers so you don't have to find a filter. The pros we spoke with said adding a filter with 3 layers might make it difficult to breathe. Thanks again! Amy
The best out of all my face masks!
You just made my day, Karen! Thanks so much for the nice review and for buying our masks! Amy et al
The BEST cloth mask!
YAY! Thanks for the awesome review, Kat!
Most breathable masks !
Thank you, Leslie! So happy that you LOVE our masks! - Amy
Great quality masks
The minis are so darn cute - glad they're working for you! Thanks for supporting our little family biz!
Awesome masks, very comfortable! Super quick shipping!
Right on! Thanks Amanda! We really appreciate your glowing review - and your support! Amy
Excellent mask
Whoo hoo! Thanks, Stacie - so glad you LOVE your masks! I've noticed that they can shrink up in a hot dryer, too. I started handwashing mine at night when I wash my face. It's so easy - and if I smooth out the fabric before hanging it up to dry, they come out beautifully. No shrinkage - and no wrinkles! Thanks again for your awesome review! Hope this helps. - Amy
Most comfortable Masks!
Thank you SO MUCH, Victoria! We're really happy that you're happy! XO Amy